Fat Bobs Paintball and Airsoft Shop - Established 1996

The evolution of a pedigree paintball store.

Fat Bobs Paintball Megastore

It's really simple to hire a unit and fill it with stock, anyone can do it.. But the creation of a M.E.G.A.S.T.O.R.E is much more than that. It's about pedigree, customer service, innovation, pioneering, risk and going that extra step which gets you copied, but at the end of the day, you have the satisfaction of knowing you were there first and if it wern't for you, no one else would be doing it.

Fat Bobs opens in 1996. It's an online store and is attached to the YPC website - www.ypc.co.uk/shop At this time we were the ONLY online paintball shop in the UK.

Fat Bobs grows and grows until we need a shop. In a fit of Egomania, in 2004, we go for the biggest shop we can find. It's a 2000 sq ft unit and to this day it's the UK's biggest EVER paintball store. This place is huge and we stack it to the rafters with everything we can lay our hands on.
But size isn't everything, much more important is quality and sound honest advice, so in 2007 we move to a new location. As it turns out, the shop wasn't big enough so we hired the next two rooms and created a shop of similar size to the first. Again, bigger than anything ever seen in the UK. 1/3 of the shop is a retail store, the other 2/3 is used as warehousing for the online side of things and to keep stock for the retail side.
Then in 2012, it's not about bravado, it's about quality, so this time, instead of going for a unit, we go for a suite.
The latest incarnation of Fat Bobs is the UK's most modern paintball store, plush carpets, intercom entry in a clinically clean environment. It's now about total quality of products, total quality of service, you could say the Rolls Royce of paintball stores in the UK.
This quality and attention to detail, together with the huge output of the online side of Fat Bobs sees us still at the top of the game, the best paintball shop in the UK, the most honest paintball shop in the UK, the biggest paintball shop in the UK..
This is the true UK Paintball M.E.G.A.S.T.O.R.E
Now in 2014, Fat Bobs moves again to it's spiritual home, right next door to our first ever shop from back in 2004, slightly bigger this time but again we've packed it to the rafters with all of the latest kit. With a large recreation area and TV studio, customers can come, have a look around, have a FREE coffee and a relax and chat about amongst other things......Paintball.

So where are we now...
The Shop address is
5, The France Industrial Complex, Canal Road, Selby, YO8 8BE

Our mission is to continue to give good honest paintball advice to all players. We continue to provide somewhere to play as we run monthly walkon events through the Yorkshire Paintball Centre which we actually own. We are the only UK paintball shop to actually provide a place for people to play with their own equipment.
But that's not all, we have now fully gone into the Airsoft side of things. The shop is now half full paintball equipment and half full of airsoft equipment. And again, we offer somewhere to play by hosting a huge monthly airsoft walkon event names "Halo Mill Proving Grounds"

Fat Bobs Paintball Shop Pic 1

Fat Bobs Paintball Shop Pic 1