Airsoft Gun Sights

Looking to get one up on your competitors? Improve your shooting accuracy with a sight for your airsoft or paintball gun from our range of high-quality sights, mounts, and other accessories such as tactical rails, sight protectors and risers.

Traditional 'iron' sights 

these simple but rugged and reliable airsoft sights are light, sturdy and lower cost than more advanced tactical sights. They are perfect for beginners learning to train their eye and improve accuracy or for players looking for a low-profile, lightweight spec rifle. Iron sights feature a front and rear component.

Tactical Red Dot sights 

If you've ever played any first-person shooter game, you'll recognise these reflex (non-magnifying glass) sights. The signature luminous red dot is a clean and uncomplicated design that allows for accurate but also rapid targeting. Red dot sights require batteries, so make sure to check the product specification before purchasing.

Tactical scopes

Designed for sniping, this type of sight features a magnifying lens and cross-hairs that allows you to zero in on a target with superior efficacy and accuracy over other forms of optics.

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Gun Sights

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