Airsoft HelmetsAirsoft helmets are the must have helmet for airsoft gaming. These popular modern styled helmets offer protection against close range bb's, debris and shrapnel and various urban indoor and outdoor terrains. Providing extra protection from airsoft bb's, the airsoft helmet also offers bump protection from urban, vehicle or armoured force. Whilst also being lightweight, they are usually compatible with various accessories and often provide room for goggles or other airsoft eye protection. 

Cameras can be easily attached to most styles, making your filming experience hands-free, as well as the added function of a shaped area around the ear so users have the option of using electronic hearing protection/enhancement or communication accessories. 

Common key features include a lightweight yet realistic hard polymer material with removable padding and an adjustable chin strap for adjusting the size to the perfect fit. A loop velcro panel on both sides allows you to customise your style with personal patches or reflective tabs and includes a slide rail to attach various tactical accessories, including torches. 

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Airsoft Helmets

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