Airsoft batteries and chargersAirsoft batteries come in a number of shapes and sizes as well as voltages and types. If you need any help, please give us a call, but below is a general idea of the types and sizes.

The voltage of the battery is the amount of power it produces. The higher the voltage, the more power.
This power converts to speed that the gearbox turns. So a 9.6v battery will turn the gearbox slower than an 11.1v battery.
Great but there are things you need to know. To turn a gearbox faster, it has to be good quality. Also some wiring isn't good enough to take 11.1v. If you need any help, just give us a call.

Battery Type.
Do you go for a NiMh, a LiPO or a LIon.
These are different types of battery but they all do pretty much the same. They power your airsoft gun. NiMh is the standard, if in doubt, go for a NiMh.
LiPo is a light weight battery which tend to last longer than NiMh although this is not always the case.
LIon batteries tend to be higher capacity and last the longest.

This is the capacity of the battery. The higher the MiH, the bigger the battery and the longer it lasts.

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