Airsoft Starter KitsIf you are new to airsoft, the number of products and huge choice could get you a little bit confused. For example.
Which battery fits in each gun? Which battery is the right one for the gun I want?  Then which charger do I need to charge the battery I have chosen? There are different weights of BB, which weight suits my gun?

These are all very valid questions and the answers can be very diverse.
So, we have taken the guesswork out of buying and created "Starter Value Packs".

Each pack has the correct battery and charger for the gun, also the correct weight of BB.

Bright Two Tone or Dark Colour?
This is very important. To be able to buy a dark coloured airsoft gun (Black /Grey / Tan etc), you must have a valid defence under the VCR Bill. Basically, you can only buy a realistic coloured airsoft gun if you have a valid defence for buying one. The defence for buying this type of airsoft gun is for the purpose of Airsoft Skirmishing on a recognised venue that holds 3rd party liability insurance. If you are buying for this purpose, you can buy any colour, just click the legal declaration at checkout.

But what if the airsoft gun is to be used at a private venue (Ie. you have your own woodland, or you are using the gun for target shooting in your private back garden. If this is the case, you do not have a legal defence for buying a non two tone gun and you must only buy a two tone (Blue Black)

Starter Value Packs

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