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Dye Paintball Slick Stick

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Dye Paintball Slick Stick

The Dye Paintball Slick Stick is a barrel cleaning divice for all .68 cal barrels.

PCI Complient

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Dye Paintball Slick Stick

Paint or dirt in your barrel is the number one reason why your marker becomes inaccurate. A clean barrel equals a straight shot.

Barrel Buffer
Ultra Absorbent - polished finish
Premium Material - will not fray
Stitched Cover - won’t unravel

Stability Coupler
Space Bumper - aligns shafts
Snap Fit - locks shafts in place
Instant Launch - to straight extension

Molded Shaft
Flexible - will not snap or break
Replaceable - & interchangeable shafts
Gentle - won’t scratch inside of barrel

Rocket Disk
Paint is Removed – not absorbed
Expanding Seal – for all barrel bores
Non-Porous – works in all weather

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