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Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

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Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

The Empire Axe pro is the updated version of the Empire Axe. Everything wrong with the Empire Axe has been fixed in the Pro version which is slightly bigger than the old axe as well.

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Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

TheEmpire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is fitted with the Redline OLED board which was an optional extra on the old Axe and is very welcome, making the new Axe pro a much more capable paintball tournament gun. The new way of removing the bolt makes maintenance quick and simple and the two piece barrel make this paintball gun very good indeed.

Full feature Redline OLED board with joystick navigation
Now only 2 hex wrenches needed for all screws on the Axe Pro
Improved ergonomics in Grip Frame and Foregrip
Re-designed Grip frame has deep angled comfort design
Improved weather-proofing including waterproof gasket around battery door
More robust foregrip mounting design
Simpler push-button in-line bolt removal system
New smaller, more compact Relay ASA
Improved ASA attachment, no more set screws
Polished two piece barrel with standard Bore size .688 improved accuracy & efficiency
7.5” Control bore and spiral porting for excellent ball on ball accuracy that is cross compatible with Pipe barrel backs
New trigger design with modular trigger guard
Trigger pin removed in favor of screw for easier Trigger maintenance
Externally serviceable Eyes, no longer requiring marker dis-assembly for Eye maintenance
Double Eye system that is easy to clean
Rubber nub-style ball detents
Tool-less clamping feedneck
Integrated internal air channel

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