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Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun

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Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun

The Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun. Ever broken a paintball in your barrel? Of course you have, it happens to everyone. Just slide your squeegee down the barrel a couple of times and then start shooting again. Ever break a ball in the breach of your paintball marker? If so, that’s a completely different situation. For most markers, that means a trip off the field to break down your gun and start cleaning. Not anymore! With the Empire BT Slice feature, remove the hopper and just pull one of the shell pins and open it up to get inside to clean.

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Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun

Strip the Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun on the field, while under air pressure! No other marker gives faster access to the internals of your marker than the Empire BT Slice Combat paintball marker, also known as the BT4 Slice Combat paintball gun. This semi-auto baby has been made for years by Empire and has moved one step closer to the perfect paintball gun. Break it down in less than 15 seconds, give it a quick cleaning and be back fighting your opponents in less than 1 minute. Spend more time on the field and less time doing maintenance with the BT4 Slice Combat from Empire Battle Tested paintball.

The Empire BT Combat Slice Paintball Gun has become a hit as a site gun too. Not only is it ultra reliable, but it's the only "Flip" style paintball gun that can be "Filpped" and cleaned with the air source still attached, this means that at the end of the day, stripping, cleaning and maintaining high numbers of the BT Slice is easy and fast. A true site gun game changer.

New Field strip able design – simply remove ONE tool-less pin and the markers opens up for maintenance
Maintenance can be performed in the field while under air pressure
Outer shells designed for tool-less access to all internals
Picatinny rails for adding accessories
Stabilizing fore grip – helps keep your shots on target
AR-15 style T-cocking handle – it's just a cool way to cock the marker
Redesigned trigger guard accommodates hands with gloves
Electronic ready grip frame

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