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G&G Fire Hawk Airsoft Rifle

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G&G Fire Hawk Airsoft Rifle

The G&G Fire Hawk is a stubby version of the M4 line of combat machines.

PCI Complient

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G&G Fire Hawk Airsoft Rifle

The G&G Fire Hawk Airsoft Rifle is mostly made up of polymer. These parts include the lower/upper receiver, handguard, sights, collapsible stock, pistol grip and magazine, but there are also metal parts such as the inner barrel, gear box and motor etc.

The short stubby features of the gun make it ideal for CQB and room clearance scenarios. There is also lots of rail space on top for red dots or holographic sights and plenty of rail on the front as well for torches, lasers or even a peq box.

The Blue / Black version is NOT spray painted. The polymer is blue so it will not scratch off and look great for years to come.

Gun Type: AEG
Overall Length: 543mm
Weight: 2260g
Fire Modes: Semi Auto / Auto
Inner Barrel Length: 120mm
Material: Stainless / Aluminum / Steel / Zinc / Plastic / Nylon/Fiber

In the box:
G&G Comabat machine Firehawk M4 Stubby
High Cap Magazine
Instruction Manual


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