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G&G GMG42 Airsoft Machine Gun

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G&G GMG42 Airsoft Machine Gun

G&G have again produced another World war era classic replica in the form of the MG42, dubbed the German Buzzsaw due to it's iconic sound while in operation on the battlefield.

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G&G GMG42 Airsoft Machine Gun

The gun it's self like the replica is made up of heat threated stamped metal giving it a good weight like the real thing and also features a wooden stock and pistol grip, again like the real steel version. At the front of the gun comes a pre-attached bipod for setting up a stable gun emplacement when used as an entrenched or as a support weapon.

On top of the gun you'll find the adjustable ironsights as well as an anti-aircraft sight to keep in with the historical features. The gun comes with a 1700rnd drum magazine.

In the box:
Drum Magazine
Mock Bullet Belt

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