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G&G RK74 CQB Airsoft Rifle

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G&G RK74 CQB Airsoft Rifle

The G&G GT-Advanced RK74-CQB is a modern up to date looking CQB AK replica, ideal for CQB and room clearing.

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G&G RK74 CQB Airsoft Rifle

Staring at the front you have a sound enhancing alloy flash hider, combination handguard which features Ris rails at the top and bottom with keymod either side for accessories such as torches and foregrips etc. The handguard, upper and lower receiver are all metal alloy which adds a rebust quality feel as well as rugged toughness.

The hop up unit is located behind the mock bolt and is accessible by simply pulling back on the mock charging handle to a rearward position. Internally there is a programmable Mosfet and etu, this allows you to change the fire setting from fully auto to 3 round burst, also a faster responce time when the trigger is pulled.

The Buffer tube is M4 style meaning you can use pretty much any M4 stock, the stock that comes as standard is the GOS-V2 with multi postion length, small storage compartment, compartment for stick type type batteries and rubberised butt plate for grip and comfort.

In the box:
G&G GT-Advanced RK74-CQB
HiCap Magazine
Instruction manual

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