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G&G T4-18 Light Airsoft Rifle

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G&G T4-18 Light Airsoft Rifle

The G&G T4-18 Light Airsoft Rifle is a shorter barrel replica of the Heckler & Koch HK416D, made from a solid reliable Metal Alloy base with the Pistol grip and Stock been the only polymer parts, this thing is made to last.

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G&G T4-18 Light Airsoft Rifle

Even with a shorter barrel, this gun can be used ourdoors as well as CQB. The rear sight is a removable turret style sight with different size objective holes and the front sight can also be removed should you want to use an optic on the top 20mm rail. The TR4-18 Light been part of G&G's advanced range has many nice features like an Pneumatic Blowback system,decocking forward assist system, which allows you to release the tension on the spring this releaves spring pressure/tention this inturn keeping it in tip top condition when not in use.

The blowback feature will only work when there is a magazine loaded with bb's in the magwell,the gun uses pressure built up by the bb restricting the Air in the inner barrel.

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G&G T4-18 Light
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