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G&G TGM A4 Airsoft Rifle

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G&G TGM A4 Airsoft Rifle

The G&G TGM A4 MP5 replicates the real version of the MP5 A4, the Solid Stock version of the vintage MP5 SMG.

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This honest replica of the MP5, the TGM A4 has an Alloy Upper Reciever and Polymer Lower, just like the real thing.

The G&G GT Advanced TGM Blowback Range uses Pneumatic Blowback, this means that every time the weapon is fired the gun replicate shot recoil adding to the realism. The gun offers a fully adjustable hop up allowing the use of a range of different weight bb's depending on your needs. Just like the real thing, the TGM A4 uses the tried and tested, classic H&K Rotary type rear adjustable Ironsight, allowing users to Adjust for Range, Windage and Elevation.

This version of the MP5 has the authnetic style solid fixed stock, even though the stock is fixed it is still considered a CQB gun, but is also dependable outdoors. The TGM features fully Ambidextrous Controls with the Selector Levers on both sides,and the Magazine Release Buttons on both sides and a Lever Release behind the magazine well.

In the box:
MP5 Style Flash Hider
User Manual

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