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G&G TGM A5 Retractable Airsoft Rifle

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G&G TGM A5 Retractable Airsoft Rifle

The G&G TGM A5 Airsoft Rifle is a modern looking replica of the famous CQB SMG MP5 with more rails than you can shake an unjamming rod at.

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G&G TGM A5 Retractable Airsoft Rifle

This SMG has a metal alloy upper, barrel and internals, and a polymer lower receiver, handguard and stock making it light yet still strong and durable.

With the lightness also comes compactness with the retractable stock, ideal for storage and close quaters. The battery(not included) fits in the handguard. External features include a functional mock charging handle, when pulled to the rear it reveals the Hop-Up unit and an adjustable Four Setting Ironsight which can be adjusted for Windage and Elevation with a fixed front Ironsight.

This gun also features Pneumatic Blowback System, this uses excess air for the cycling of the weapon to simulate the bolt movement just as the real version would.

In the box:
G&G TGM A5 MP5 - retractable Stock Version
User Manual


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