Gelsoft AmmoGelsoft ammo is simple to prepare using only water. The ammo is 100% environmentally friendly and 100% Biodegradable.
Being made mainly from water, they leave no residue behind.

Before being "Made", the ammo comes in a sachet and look like small plastic beads. To make the ammo, you simply poor the sachet of beads into a tub of water and leave them for 4-5 hours (Ideally overnight). The beads soak up the water until they reach their maximum size. Leaving the gelsoft balls in water will not spoil them as when they have reached their optimum size, they stop growing and stay constant.

So the small beads change into squidgy, water based ammo simply by putting them in water. You can then use the ammo either wet or dry, the choice is yours.

Gelsoft Ammo

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