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GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol

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GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol

The GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol is a full power, .50 cal paintball pistol from GI Sportz.

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GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol

At Fat Bobs, we are quite surprised it's taken so long for a .50 cal paintball pistol to be released. It makes much more sense from a magazine size point of view. Also around 70 shots from a 12g powerlett.

The smaller paintballs make the GI Menace Paintball Pistol small enough to be one of the most realistic pistols available. Includes a 7 round magazine. Powered by 12g powerletts. Imagine the scenario, you have been creeping up on a player for the last 10 minutes, you now have him in your sights and pull the trigger. But something goes wrong, you have run out of gas, the paintball smegs in the barrel, or worse, the paintball jams the bolt. The player turns around, he is shocked to see you, swings his gun round and plants a shot directly between the eyes, you have been gogged!!.

Now imagine the same scenrio but this time you have by your side the GI Menace .50 cal pistol, all gassed up and ready to go. This time you drop your gun and grab your pistol. As he turns you fire the pistol and gog him between the eyes.

Sometimes being prepared is the difference between the best shot ever and a long walk back to base camp with your arms in the air. The GI menace pistol is very gas efficient. You can expect around 70 full power shots from a 12g powerlett.

The 7 paintball magazine is nice and small so the pistol itself is the most realistic paintball pistol on the market. Paintball pistols will never replace your main paintball gun, but they are such good fun. It's near on impossible to hold a paintball pistol and fire it without having a huge smile on your face. If your mate has one as well, then it's pistols at dawn.

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