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GI Sportz Paintballs

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GI Sportz Paintballs

GI Sportz paintballs are made in Canada and have been around in various different names for years. They are presented in "Star" versions and also do the best winter formula paintball available.

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GI Sportz Paintballs

GI Sportz 2 Star Paintballs
A great all year round ball. Perfect for walkons and training. The slightly more robust shell means that 2 star will work perfectly through all paintball guns.

GI Sportz 4 Star Paintballs
A tournament paintball perfect for dull or cool days. Slightly more robust than the 5 star.

GI Sportz 5 Star Paintballs
If it's a hot summer day and you are playing tournament, then this is the ball to choose.

GI Sportz Frostbite Winter Paintballs
This is a completely different formula to a normal paintball and is made to perform perfectly in sub zero conditions. If you are playing paintball in the winter, this is the paintball for you.

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