Halo Mill Proving Grounds at YPC

Halo Mill Proving Grounds at YPCHistory
Halo Mill Proving Grounds at YPC was created during a meeting between Stuart Manks from Patrol Base in Huddersfield and Andy Sables from Fat Bobs. Stuart was keen to run a big airsoft event and Andy was keen to host a big airsoft event. After a few hours of chatting, a plan was formed and the rest as they say is history.
The first event was played on July 21st 2015 when almost 100 players turned up to that historic day

When is it held?
Proving Grounds is held on the first Sunday of every month. That date is set in stone. During the winter months the event attracts around 150 players and during the summer months the event has to be capped at 300 players. Remember to book early during peak months to avoid disapointment.

How does it work?
Proving Grounds is based on YPC's paintball big games (Chocolate Factory and All the Fun of the Fair). It's a 6hr roling, multi objective, multi level game. That means the whistle blows for game on at 10am and blows again to end the game at 4pm. Each player is issued with a game zone map and a list of timed objectives which need to be achieved to gain points for your team. Points are also awarded for eliminations. So, for example, the mission may be to take and hold the bridge at 11am, then to take rescue the pilot from the real downed plane at 11:30am and so on all day. You can choose which fights to get involved with. When you are eliminated from the game, you simply respawn at one of your teams respawn points and carry on. If you choose to leave the game area at any time during the day for refreshments, you simply re enter the game through a respawn point.
At the end of the day, objective points are added to elimination points and a winner is announced.

Halo Mill Proving Grounds at YPC Player on BridgeDo I need my own kit?
Ideally yes you do. However, if you don't have any kit, you can hire it on the day.

How much is it to play?
Halo Mill Members - £25
Non Halo Mill players - £30
Equipment hire £15 (This gets you a properly maintained G&G or Nuprol AEG, face protection and camo kit as well as 1000 bb's to get you started)
Pyro and bb's are available on the day.

How do I go about booking?
Easy, just visit this Facebook page and all info and links to book are there. Click Here
You pay a £10 deposit on booking and the balance is due on the day.

How do I find you?
Halo Mill Proving Grounds is hosted at the Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre, directions are available on the website at www.ypc.co.uk

What about food and refreshments?
There is a 5* food hygiene rated kitchen and snack bar on site serving burgers, hot dogs, pizza, tea, coffee etc. The food is fantastic.

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