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Paintball and Airsoft Help and Advice

Buying paintball and airsoft equipment can be very confusing, especially if you are a beginner. We have put together a series of pieces of advice for anyone wanting to start to play paintball or airsoft, or anyone just looking for some extra advice on what equipment to buy, what not to buy. What you really should be buying, better playing tactics and so much more.

What is the best paintball gun for a beginner?

Probably the most frequently asked question asked. Find out what we think

Which is best Air or Co2 for a Paintball gun?
You can run all paintball guns on air, but which is best, air or Co2

Where can I play Paintball or Airsoft in the UK?
Find out where to play paintball or airsoft in the UK.
How do I use my GoG Freak Barrel Kit?
I am looking at buying a Freak Kit, why are they so good.

Electronic or mechanical paintball guns?
Should I go for a mechanical or an electronic paintball gun.

Which paintballs should I choose?
I've got all of the kit, now which paintballs should I be using.

Which Airsoft BB's should I choose?
Airsoft BB's all look the same, are they..

Is there a list of Walkon Paintball events in the UK?

Yes there is and here it is.

Which is the best airsoft gun?
An interesting question.

What clothing should I wear?
What should I be wearing to play paintball or airsoft.

Can I still play paintball or airsoft on my own?
Or do I need a group of people

Is Paintball and Airsoft played all year round?
Do airsoft or paintball events have seasons

What is UKARA and do I need it?
Find out the info.
Do I have to be over 18 to buy a paintball or airsoft gun?
How old do I need to be.

Top 10 Paintball guns of all time
This is what we think, do you agree?