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JT Revolution Paintball Hopper 9v

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JT Revolution Paintball Hopper 9v

JT Revolution Paintball Hopper 9v. The Revvi is back. Go back 10 years and this was the hopper of choice for any serious paintball player.

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JT Revolution Paintball Hopper 9v

The JT Revolution Paintball Hopper struggled to keep up when paintball guns started to hit 30 balls per second. But, now look at what has happened, there is no competition in the UK where you can have over 10.4 balls per second. Most quality walkons will only allow up to 12 balls per second, and it's the same with quality scenario and big games.
So, do you really need a hopper that can do 30+ balls per second, or has the time of the Revolution hopper come back.

12 Balls Per Second
Solid quality hopper with a long pedigree
9v Battery
180 Paintball Capacity

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