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JT Spectra Thermal Paintball Lens

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JT Spectra Thermal Paintball Lens

JT Spectra Thermal Paintball Lens. JT lenses pass the American ASTM standard and the European EC Standard, but testing doesn't stop there.

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JT Spectra Thermal Paintball Lens

JT shoots them, stomps them, hits them with 1/4 inch steel balls at 400 fps, runs over them, and lets the dog chew them. And that proves one thing - JT lenses meet an even higher standard - the JT Standard. With a fog-resistant coated thermal inner lens that can be cleaned with a JT micro fiber cloth, the standard has been lifted even higher to include pure optical style.

Add style to your JT Spectra goggles with the JT Spectra Prizm Thermal Replacement lenses. These lenses are designed specifically for sunny conditions. Help your game by reducing the glare that can distract you from your opponent.

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