Nuprol Airsoft Gas

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Nuprol Airsoft Gas

Nuprol Airsoft Gas. Airsoft gas is used to power your pistol or in some cases your rifle.

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Nuprol Airsoft Gas

Each colour coded gas bottle contains a different pressure of gas, to be used at different times of the year and with different guns.

Nuprol 1.0 Airsoft Gas
This Nuprol 1.0 gas is a low power gas, ideal for airsoft pistols with plastic slides or if your pistol is shooting a bit hot. This gas will bring the fps down.

Nuprol 2.0 Airsoft Gas
This is a standard Airsoft Green Gas. It is a quality gas which will increase the overall performance of your airsoft pistol or rifle. Recommended for use in all pistols and rifles.

Nuprol 3.0 High Power Airsoft Gas
Nurprol 3.0 gas is for use in cold conditions as it is a high power gas. During cold conditions this gas will lift the fps of your airsoft pistol or rifle. During mild conditions, make sure you chrono your airsoft gun to make sure it's not running hot when using Nuprol 3.0 gas. You should also see an increase in consistency.

Nuprol 4.0 Extreme Power Airsoft Green Gas
Gas reduces in pressure as the temperature goes down. So during the winter months, your airsoft gun may struggle to perform correctly and will no doubt experience low velocities and extreme drop off. Nuprol 4.0 gas is a high pressure gas for use in temperatures down to as low as -20 degrees. Nuprol 4.0 will keep your airsoft equipment working and performing at it's full potential during extreme cold weather.

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