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Nuprol M4 Metal Airsoft Magazines

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Nuprol M4 Metal Airsoft Magazines

Nuprol M4 Metal Airsoft Magazines. These are standard fit M4 Magazines from Nuprol

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Nuprol M4 Metal Airsoft Magazines

There are three different types of Nuprol M4 Magazines.

Flash Mag
These magazines are wound using a metal wire that is kept in a campartment inside the mag. With only three to four pulls, the magazine is fully wound and ready to go. Flash mags prime the magazine the fastest.

These magazines use a standard wheel at the bottom of the mag to wind them up. Keep pushing the wheel forward to wind the internal spring

Mid Cap
These mags are fed through a speed loader and the bb's are held in a single line within the mag. There is nothing to wind as the bb's are pushed against the internal spring whilst loading.

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