Paintball Guns

Here’s a quick guide to things to consider when buying a paintball gun.

Which paintball gun?
Choosing the best paintball gun for you means considering options such as gravity or mag feed, the rate at which your marker will fire and how accurate it is. You can opt for a paintball gun that uses either gas (CO2) or air as a propellent. Choose from pistol, shotgun, sniper or rifle-style markers; we stock a selection of each.

Paintball gun or paintball marker?
In case you’re wondering, a paintball gun is the same thing as a paintball marker. They were originally used to mark trees in woodland, and the term ‘marker’ is the one you’ll hear used frequently by enthusiasts and professional paintballers.

Choosing the best paintball gun brands
We stock the best paintball guns from top manufacturers, such as Tippmann, Valken, Dye and Planet Eclipse, to ensure that we offer a quality product that will serve you well for years to come. All our paintball markers come with a warranty and our price-beating guarantee.

Paintball guns for beginners
If you’re buying your first paintball gun, we highly recommend having a chat with us first about where you will use it, what features you’re looking for and what you hope to achieve. We can then recommend the best kit for you. You might want to consider a starter pack, which includes paintball marker, gas cylinders and paintballs. We will also advise on essential safety kit, such as paintball goggles and barrel sock – everything you need to safely enjoy your new paintball gun.

Paintball Guns

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