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Paintballers 4 KidsWho are Paintballers 4 Kids?
Paintballers 4 kids is an organisation founded by Andy Sables and Dave George after a long conversation at a paintball event in 2013. Since then, Paintballers 4 Kids has raised over £30,000 for local kids charities throughout the UK.

What are the goals?
The goal of Paintballers 4 Kids is to raise as much money as possible and give it to those small charities where we can make a real difference. Charities where volunteers make up either all of the main part of the charity. Both Dave and Andy have a dislike of larger charities where hunderds of thousands of pounds is spent on CEO's and other administritive costs. All of the money raised by Paintballers 4 Kids goes to the end user where even small amounts can make a huge difference to people lives.

Where are the Charities that are helped?
Andy's charity of choice is Peter Pan Nursery. Peter Pan is based in Sherburn in Elmet, around 15 miles from YPC. They offer nursery places to special needs children. Whilst the paid staff are paid by government child nursery place funding, the additional staff are volunteers and all day to day running is only possible by donations.

Daves charity is Wishes For Kids. Wishes 4 Kids has been created to grant a wish for children and youngsters in Leicestershire who are life limited, terminally ill, have experienced life-changing physical or emotional traumas, have suffered major abuse or are diagnosed as HIV Positive. The Charity grants wishes for those of eighteen years and below.

Why was Paintballers 4 Kids set up?
Paintballers 4 Kids was set up as we believe that if you are in a position where you can do something positive for other people, then you really should. We knew that Paintballers were generous people, but just how generous has really taken us by surprise.

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