Sell your old paintball and airsoft guns

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Sell your used paintball guns

In times gone by, if you wanted to sell your old paintball or airsoft gun, you would log onto your favourite forum, go to the classifieds section and post it for sale. Happy Days!!
But, with the death of the Forum in favour of social media platforms, selling your old paintball or airsoft gun has become problematic.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of Facebook, which is of course the biggest game in town, your nice paintball or airsoft gun is considered worse than the spawn of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's threesome with Jeffrey Dahmer. Try listing your paintball or airsoft gun on Facebook and you'll be in social media jail faster than you can say "It's only a toy".

So a few years back, Fat Bobs created "Sell your paintball gear", it's a classifieds platform where you really can sell your paintball or airsoft gun. There are literally thousands of classifieds on there and there are no restrictions. It is important to note that whilst Fat Bobs pays for the website and it's hosting, we make not one penny from it. All listings are FREE. There is however an option to make your listing "Featured". To do this all we ask is that you donate £1 to Paintballers 4 Kids. This is a charity initiative that was jointly set up by the owner of Fat Bobs and it helps local kids who are in need.



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