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Shocker XLS Paintball Gun

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Shocker XLS Paintball Gun

The Shocker Paintball Gun was one of the first ever electronic paintball guns way back in the 1990's. Over the years it has gone through many refinements and technological changes to become what it is today. A modern, reliable, accurate and great looking paintball gun.

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Shocker XLS Paintball Gun

TheShocker XLS Paintball Gun is made from aircraft grade aluminium and the anodising is flawless. The flowing lines make it easy to clean with no gaps or lines to hide dirt or paint. The shape of the body makes the Shocker XLS easy to aim, even when running and gunning.

Bolt System
TheShocker XLS Paintball Gun uses a biased spool valve. Spool valves deliver a precise measured amount of air to fire the paintball making them very accurate. The valve is precision machined and anodised with type 3 anodising. This anodising is very hard and helps the bolt resist scratches from dirt and making the bolt itself very smooth. The low reciprocating mass virtually eliminates recoil which is a boost to accuracy. High performance seals are fitted to the bolt providing long life. At only 145psi, the bolt delvers the air to the paintball at a very low pressure meaning that the most brittle paint can be used without worry of barrel breaks.

Regulator System
The Shockers regulator is cleverly incorporated into the body of the gun which not only makes the gun light, it reduces the number of leak points. Years of development mean that the Shocker XLS regulator delivers very consistent shots. Consistency gives increased accuracy. There is a built in pressure relief valve to protect damage to internal parts in case of regulator failure or over adjustment by the user.

Trigger System
The Shocker XLS uses a two bearing system to make the trigger pull smooth and crisp. These bearings are sealed so there is no need for maintenance. The trigger is fully adjustable in four ways so can be set to your perfect position. This adjustment can be made externally so there is no need to take the gun apart to make adjustments.

Shocker ASA
The simple Air System Adapter is both reliable and very easy to use. Screw the bottle in and make one quick turn to air up the system. Any bottle will fit and the ASA is mounted solidly onto the bottom of the grip.

Shocker XLS Electronics
The OLED screen makes cycling through the Shockers adjustments very simple. And with a built in tournament lock it keeps you nice and legal. The system uses the trigger to input settings simply and quickly. Need a software update, easy, through the USB port. The gun is powered by a standard 9v battery. Break beam eyes are fitted to eliminate chopping of paintballs.

Freak XL Barrel System
The Shocker XLS comes with the Freak XL barrel system as standard.

How to use your freak kit.
Set up your paintball gun and select a mid size insert. Take your gun to the chrono along with the rest of your freak kit. Shoot a number of paintballs over the chrono (a minimum of 3) and record the average fps reading. (eg, 276, 277, 278 the average would be 277). Then change the insert and repeat.
Whichever insert gives you the highest fps reading is the correct insert for that paint. If this insert gives you a higher reading than is allowed, then reduce the velocity of your gun. This reduction in velocity will give you an increase in efficiency.

Why 8" over 5" inserts
Some time ago, AGD did some research and found that an 8" effective barrel length was the best length for a paintball gun. The reason for this is scientific but also logical when you think about it.
To accelerate a ball from 0 - 300fps in a short effective barrel length puts huge stress on the ball, causing it to break more often than not. It also takes a huge blast of air to accelerate the paintball in such a short distance, so short barrels are harsh on paint and very inefficient on air.
An effective barrel length that is long also needs a large blast of air to accelerate the ball from 0-300fps. This is because the pressure behing the paintball reduces as the paintball moves along the barrel. This also causes your paintball gun to break paint and also become very inefficient.
Clearly, there must be a middle length that accelerates the ball the slowest, using the least amount of air to do it. There is and it's around 8". Think of a bell curve of a graph.
At 8", the ball is accelerated from 0-300fps in the optimum length for the least amount of air. So the shot is very easy on the paintball allowing the use of very brittle paint and also very efficient.

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