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Tippmann Cronus

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Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus combines speed and toughness in a uniquely styled milsim body.

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Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus is different to the normal style of paintball gun. The paintball guns high impact, composite body is extremely lightweight and has molded rubber grips and an internal gas line for better comfort, control, and ease of use.

The Tippmann Cronus paintball gun also offers four picatinny rails for simple and speedy modification, so you can add torches, sights or any other paintball accessories easily. It also uses Tippmann’s proven in line bolt system. The Tippmann Cronus is available in a Basic as well as a Tactical Edition, both available from Fat Bobs.

Is the Tippmann Cronus a good gun?

The simple answer is yes, it is a very good gun in terms of reliability and performance, especially in cold weather. To get the best accuracy, you will need a barrel kit.

Is the Tippmann Cronus Semi Auto?

Yes, the Tippmann Cronus is a semi auto paintball gun. So each time you pull the trigger, a paintball is fired. The quicker you pull the trigger, the faster the paintballs come out.

These new paintball guns use the trendy black and tan color combination and deliver proven Tippmann durability and a unique new appearance at great value. Available in the UK from Fat Bobs Paintball Megastore

Black and Tan
In line bolt design
Hidden Internal gas line
Tough composite body
Fixed front and rear sights
Four Picatinny rails for accessories
High performance ported barrel

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