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Tippmann FT12

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Tippmann FT12

The Tippmann Ft-12 paintball gun has a Flip Top design which reduces cleaning and maintenance time by over 75% when compared to the Tippmann 98.

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Tippmann FT12

The Tippmann FT12 features a top non cycling cocking handle that keeps dirt and debris from entering marker, this is vital as dirt and paint getting into a paintball gun are the number one cause of wear and inaccurate shots.

The 8.5" high performance barrel is surprisingly accurate, and additionally the ergonomic vertical grip, 1 ½ inch blade trigger, integrated fixed sights make shooting the FT12 Paintball gun simple. You can use your FT 12 on either compressed air or Co2 without changing anything, so you can play anywhere.

No tools required Flip-Top design for super fast maintenance
Compact milsim look
All aluminum receiver & grip-frame
Modular design with fewer parts
Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system

Caliber: .68
Action: Semi-Automatic (open bolt blow back system)
Power: Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Co2
Hopper Capacity:
CO2 Capable:
Feed Rate: Gravity Feed
Firing Rate: 8 shots per second
Trigger: Semi-Auto
Barrel Length: 8.5 in
Length: 18.8 in
Weight: 3.8 lbs

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