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Tippmann TCR

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Tippmann TCR

The Tippmann Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) Magfed Paintball Marker provides a new level of realism to your paintball play.

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Tippmann TCR

The Tippmann TCR comes with two magazine, a 12 Ball Extended Mag and a 7 Ball Mag. Based on Tippmanns TiPX platform of using CO2 cartridges or HPA with a remote line along with its dual feed capability, the Tippmann TCR gives you a marker with a lot of flexibility in how you want to play. You can switch from magfed to hopper fed depending on how much paint you want to shoot and the conditions of play. Its also First Strike Compatible!

Magfed Marker
Dual Feed Compatible
CO2 Cartridges or HPA Compatible with Remote Line Adapter
Flip Top Sights
Folding Front Vertical Handle
Collapsible Stock with Additional Mag Carrier
Hideaway Remote adapter
11” Barrel
First Strike Round Compatible

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