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Valken Gotcha Paintball shotgun

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Valken Gotcha Paintball shotgun

The Valken Gotcha is a kids paintball gun that is low impact. The Gotcha markers are spring powered, so that do not require any other additional air energy source like compressed air or CO2. Gotcha Markers shoot at around 110-130 fps. Available in the UK from Fat Bobs


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Valken Gotcha Paintball shotgun

The Valken Gotcha Paintball shotgun is aimed at kids, but it's still a realistic paintball gun in it's own right. If uses .50 cal paintballs which hit with less energy than .68 cal paintballs meaning there is virtually no chance of marking of the skin.

Instead of using an air or co2 source, theValken Gotcha Paintball shotgun uses spring power so you will never run out of air. This is achieved by the gun being pump action. Pulling the pump back compresses the internal spring and feeds a paintball into the chamber. Pushing the pump forward pushes the paintball into the barrel and then by pulling the trigger, the spring is released, pushing a piston which creates the pressurised air which fires the paintball.

The gun itself is made from tough plastic which will last for years but is light weight enough for small children to use. The paintballs are held in a hopper which push fits into the feed port on the gun. The hoppers hold up to 120 paintballs before needing to be refilled.

The rail across the top of the gun is there so that you can fit any accessories, like torches or sights. Great fun for all the family, but remember that with all paintball or airsoft guns, you will need to wear the correct eye protection.

Gotcha Facts:
80% less energy at impact than traditional paintball which means little to no bruising. 27% smaller paintball ammo (.50 cal vs. .68 cal) easy to see the SPLAT, but more affordable than traditional paintballs. 50% lower speed compared to regular paintball markers - Safe and enjoyable for all ages!

Low impact serviceable .50 caliber marker
Maximum 140fps low impact pump style marker
Serviceable metal internals
Fully enclosed internals
Durable aluminum barrel
Traditional clamping feedneck, fits Valken .50 cal loader
Compatible with traditional 10 round . 68 cal tube ( holds 14 balls )
Picatinny sight rail
Compatible with Valken Car stock


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