Valken Accelerate Airsoft BB's

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Valken Accelerate Airsoft BB's

Valken Accelerate bb's come in two versions, Bio and Non Bio. They are precision made and are highly polished meaning a straight shot every time.

PCI Complient

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Valken Accelerate Airsoft BB's

Standard BB's
Standard BB's are non bio, so they do not bio degrade over time. Ideally, these should only be used indoors and not in a sensitive environments.

Bio BB's
Bio BB's are Bio Degradable, so they won't be around in years to come and don't harm the environment. There are many sites that only allow Bio BB's to be used, so get in touch with the site you are playing at to see if you will need Bio's.

These Valken Bio BB's are true bio bb's and exceed the "Bio Inert" standard making them very environmentally friendly. They break down over time with heat, sunlight, moisture and pressure.

6mm Premium Pro Match Grade
Diameter: 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances
Ball bearing quality design
Polished to perfection

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