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Valken Airsoft Li-Ion High Output Battery

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Valken Airsoft Li-Ion High Output Battery

Valken Airsoft Li-Ion High Output Battery. Airsoft batteries come in different kinds, from the old fashioned Ni-Cad, to the NiMh which is the standard today.

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Valken Airsoft Li-Ion High Output Battery

There are advantages of using Li-Po batteries as they are light and have a better capacity, but they also come with their problems.. ie. they can explode or set on fire, hence the need to use a flame retardant bag when charging them. So what's so special about these new Li-Ion batteries. Well, lots as it happens.

High Energy Density
A lithium Ion battery has a much higher energy density. Higher density means more shots before needing re charging.

Self Discharge
Over time, your NiMh will loose charge. Li-Ion batteries have a much lower self discharge rate meaning you can charge the battery up days before using it and still have almost 100% power when game day comes.

Low Maintenance
Batteries like Ni-Cad's require you to discharge them completely to stop the "Memory Effect". Li-Ion batteries don't suffer from this problem so you never need to worry about maintaining your battery.

PCB Protection
The Valken Li-Ion batteries are protected by a PCB (Protection Circuit Board) which protects the cells in the battery from over charging or over discharging. This technology is direct from Samsung and is called "Samsung High Discharge Technology"

Higher capacity than Li-Po
As well as the advantages of safety, Li-Ion batteries also have a higher capacity than Li-Po batteries meaning they offer more shots for the equivelant sized battery.

Always use a Li-Ion \ Li-Po balancing charger to charge the batteries.

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