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Valken Airsoft VSM Thermal Goggles

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Valken Airsoft VSM Thermal Goggles

These Valken VSM Thermal goggles are quite unique within airsoft.

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Valken Airsoft VSM Thermal Goggles

They can be used as a pretty standard set of thermal goggles, or you can flip up the face plate or even remove it.
Thermal goggle lenses mean they are a bit like double glazing. There are two lenses seperated by a small gap to eliminate fogging.
The lens is made from tough polycarbonate which meets Z87+, CSA 94.3, EN166 and ASTM F2879 standards, so you can rest assured that they are up to the job.

The elastic is fully adjustable and the goggle size means that they can easily fit over prescription glasses.

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