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Valken Gotcha low impact tactical shotgun

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Valken Gotcha low impact tactical shotgun
The Valken Gotcha is an affordable new low impact marker. The Gotcha markers are spring powered, so that do not require any other additional air energy source like compressed air or CO2. Gotcha Markers shoot at around 110-130 fps. This version includes the tactical stock. Available in the UK from Fat Bobs
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This is the tactical version of the Valken Gotcha childrens paintball gun. It is the same as the standard gun but is fitted with an adjustable stock.
The Valken Gotcha gun does not need an air or co2 bottle to fire the paintbals, it's spring powered, so other than paintballs you do not need anything out of the box to set up and use it.
The gun itself fires .50 cal paintballs which are smaller and lighter than .68 cal paintballs. This means that it doesn't hurt when you get hit and there are no nasty bruises.
Paintballs are fed from the 120 shot hopper, just pump and fire until the paintballs run out.
Made from high impact resistant plastic means that the gun is not only tough, but also light weight, easy for even the smallest kids to use.

Gotcha Facts:
80% less energy at impact than traditional paintball which means little to no bruising. 27% smaller paintball ammo (.50 cal vs. .68 cal) easy to see the SPLAT, but more affordable than traditional paintballs. 50% lower speed compared to regular paintball markers - Safe and enjoyable for all ages!


Low impact serviceable .50 caliber marker
Maximum 140fps low impact pump style marker
Serviceable metal internals
Fully enclosed internals
Durable aluminum barrel
Traditional clamping feedneck, fits Valken .50 cal loader
Compatible with traditional 10 round . 68 cal tube ( holds 14 balls )
Picatinny sight rail
Comes with Valken Car stock

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