Valken Loader - GOTCHA .50cal 120 Round

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Valken Loader - GOTCHA .50cal 120 Round

TheValken Loader - GOTCHA .50cal 120 Round is specifically designed for the gotcha shotgun range. It boats a large capacity of 120 .50 cal paintballs, has an anti-jam shelf feature that prevents blockage over the feed neck which means a steady feed rate of paintballs to the marker.

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Valken Loader - GOTCHA .50cal 120 Round

The Valken Loader - GOTCHA .50cal 120 Round loader is used to hold the paintballs and is then fitted to the Valken Gotcha kids paintball gun. The hopper holds around 120 paintballs. Made from tough plastic, it is also fitted with an internal anti jam shelf which makes paintballs feed so much better.

GOTCHA 120 Round Loader
Holds 120 .50cal balls
Anti-jam feature
Spring loaded lid

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