YPC 1989 Club Ticket

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YPC 1989 Club Ticket

A ticket for the famous YPC 1989 Club.
At the checkout, choose "Free Delivery". No ticket will be sent, but there will be a record of your payment at reception on the day. Please bring a copy of your receipt either printed out, or on your phone.

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YPC 1989 Club Ticket

The YPC 1989 Club is an event taking things back to where paintball used to be. It's slower and uses vastly less paint. The 1989 club takes place along side the YPC Classic Walkon Events.

Play in some of the best game zones in the UK, including the Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge. The 1989 club is ran and marshaled by the members themselves, so it could be that during one of the games you may be asked to help out by marshaling.

YPC staff are still on hand for infrastructure, health and safety and first aid to ensure safety of all participants.

The 1989 club is the perfect environment to get into walkon paintball. It's a club atmosphere and everyone is very welcoming and ready to help any new players.

At the checkout, choose "Free Delivery". No ticket will be sent, but there will be a record of your payment at reception on the day. Please bring a copy of your receipt either printed out, or on your phone.

Please arrive for 9am to set up, chrono, relax and chat
10am - Whistle blows for game 1
4pm - Whistle blows for day over

We usually play 8 to 10 games during the day however the 1989 club has been known to play almost 20 games on some days.

Please note that the YPC Walkons are NO LONGER Bring Your Own Paintball Events.
All paintballs must be purchased on site. We will have a number of brands and Grades starting from £7.50 per bag of 500

Marker Rules
The1989 Club has some unique rules with regards to the markers you can use to play. To lower the tempo and get less "paint in the air", participants are allowed to use the following paintball markers
1) Pistol
2) Magfed
3) Pump
4) Anything goes as long as the marker is fitted with one of our 50 shot gravity hoppers which are available to borrow on the day. (So eg. you can use a CS2 electro marker but only when fitted with a 50 shot gravity hopper supplied by YPC)
5) 280 fps maximum.
6) Semi Only

1) On the day, please bring your receipt. This can be printed out or on your phone. Reception will ask for your order number.

2) You will be given an indemnity form to fill in and sign, on returning the indemnity form, you will be given a wrist band.

3) After setting up, make your way to the Crono area where your marker will be crono'd.

4) After passing the crono check, your wrist band will be marked to confirm your marker is suitable for use.

5) Just before the first game, a marshal will be stationed at the exit from the gun rooms and will check that everyone has a wrist band. If you do not have a wrist band fitted, you will not be allowed to play.

6) Have a great day

Covid 19 Social Distancing Rules
At the entrance to the centre is a hand sanitising station. Please sanitise your hands before entering the safe zone.

On the seating, we have placed social distancing stickers. These are at 1.1m apart. Please sit on the stickers to ensure you have a minumum distance of 1.1m between you and the next player.

During the course of the day, please sanitise your hands at regular intervals. There are a number of hand sanitising stations around the safe area.

Before and after filling your bottle, please sanitise your hands using the hand sanitising stations in the gun rooms.

Screens have been fitted to the kitchen and office hatches to safeguard staff and players.

Our toilets are inspected and disinfected every 30 mins or less to ensure safety.

If you have any of the symptoms of covid 19 or you feel the need to isolate, then please do not buy a ticket and do not attend.

YPC has a written Covid 19 Risk Assessment which is available for any inspection and are compliant with the current COVID-19 Secure Guidelines for businesses operating outdoors.

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