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YPC Walkon pictureHistory
Way back in 1988 YPC first opened it's doors. Since those humble beginnings, YPC has grown into the venue it is today. We are very proud of our game zones, from the Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge, to a real crashed plane on the airfield, to the iconic Beirut game field.

When are they held?
YPC Walkons are held on the last Sunday of every month. This date is set in stone. If it's the last Sunday of the month at 10am, rest assured the whistle is being blown to start the first game.

How does they work?
The YPC Walkons have now evolved into the YPC 1989 Club. 1989 as we are trying to run things like in the old days when paintball was at it's greatest and unspoily by insane rates of fire and kids hiding behind walls of paint. To play, you will need a pump gun, a pistol, a magfed gun or a mechanical or electronic gun fitted with a gravity fed 50 shot hopper (Provided). The idea is to get the rates of fire down to promote skills which have been lost in recent years. The pace is slower and the games are much better for it.

Do I need my own kit?
Yes, you have to have all of your own kit. If you don't have a 50 shot gravity fed hopper, we can lend you one.

How much is it to play?
It's £10 to play. That's it, just a tenner. Paint is available on the day in bags of 500 (Or boxes of 2000 if you prefer). The event is self marshaling so if you are the type of player who will take advantage by cheating, then please don't turn up on the day as you won't last very long.

How do I go about booking?
There is no need to book, just turn up on the last Sunday of the month in good time to start the first game at 10am

How do I find you?
YPC Walkons are at the Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre, directions are available on the website at www.ypc.co.uk

What about food and refreshments?
There is a 5* food hygiene rated kitchen and snack bar on site serving burgers, hot dogs, pizza, tea, coffee etc. The food is fantastic.

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